I was born on 3rd August. I got my qualification of B.A in Arts subject. After that, I decided to pursue my dream of becoming an actress and model. I can speak three languages which are Hindi, Punjabi, and English. I have a whitish fair complexion with long black hair coming down to my shoulders and dark brown eyes.

I have an international passport in case I need to work on projects abroad. I have worked on many different projects and am willing to do normal bold scenes as long as they are not over. I am also interested in performing item songs in my movies. I have many personal hobbies that I love doing. 

After acting being my personal favourite and also my way of life, these include dancing, cycling and listening to soft music. My favourite festive occasion is Holi.

Shaping the future

As I am known to have an immense love for dancing and am also a great dancer, I was invited as a judge on the Punjabi dance competition/show ‘Mr & Miss Punjab’.

Apart from being an actress and a model, I am a social activist and use my media platforms to talk about important topics such as feminism. I believe that women should be treated as equals in society.